Frequently Asked Questions!

List of our most frequently asked questions & their answers.

Your turnkey home construction rate is Rs.2100/- to Rs.2600/-. Could you please explain this pricing in detail?

Rs.2100/- to Rs.2600/- is our home construction price range on a turnkey basis; this means your final rate for a turnkey (Full Work) contract would get estimated between this price range of Rs.2100/- and Rs.2600/-; depending on many factors such as your site location, total plinth area, number of rooms, number of bathrooms, elevation design and the roofing pattern you choose to construct your home.

Therefore our full and final construction rate per square foot can only be estimated after you finalize the floor plan and the elevation design of your proposed home.

Where all do, you have your construction services...?

We are available to design and build your dream home, typically within 40 Kms from our office in Eriyad, Kodungallur. Please check our list of areas here.

Do you undertake home constructions in areas other than Thrissur & Ernakulam districts?

No! We don't undertake work in other areas.

We don't outsource or subcontract any of our construction jobs, and thus it is not feasible for us to take works over a wide area. Currently, our services are available only in a few selected regions of Ernakulam and Thrissur districts that are within our quick reach, typically around 40 Kms from our office in Eriyad, Kodungallur.

What are your payments terms for constructing a home?

All payments are stage-wise, we will divide the entire home construction project into 12-14 stages, and you need to pay us only as per the stages mentioned in your construction agreement.

How long does it take for you to complete a project on a turnkey basis...?

We usually take about 12 months to complete a home of approximately 5000 Sq.Ft.

Will you take the pain in getting all the statutory approvals from the concerned government departments?

Yes! Certainly. If you are contracting the constructions, we will take all the pain in getting the statutory approvals from the concerned government departments, including KSEB.

Will you be able to help me in arranging a home loan for my home construction?

Yes! Certainly. If you are contracting the constructions, we will do all the required paperwork and help you arrange a home loan from any nationalised banks or any new generation banks of your choice.

How can we get started with Tricon Builders? Can you explain more about your design & build process?

Getting started with us is as simple as 123.

If you have land and you desire to build a new home on it as per your wish, then contact us, and we will first visit your site to discuss and design a home exactly as you wish.

To get started with our process, we may collect a very nominal amount of Rs.25,000/- upfront (This 25K is fully refundable upon contracting us the construction).

Once the design gets completed, we will give you a precise quote for your home construction with fully detailed specifications, the scope of work and payment terms.

After you get our quotation, if you are delighted with our construction rates, specifications and other terms, we will get into an agreement and begin your home construction work.